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Keeping Up with Change: Q&A with Accounting Clerk Patti Rowert

Change is certain and change is a given. In an industry such as ours, which is heavily dependent on technological advancements, it seems like change happens every single day. We recently spoke with Patti Rowert, accounting clerk with Anderson Dahlen Inc., a Gray Company, about her time in the industry, twenty years with Anderson Dahlen, and keeping up with all the changes.


What’s your favorite part about being a member of the ADI team?


Great companies have great people, and I have had the opportunity to work beside some really great people in my time with this company.


What’s your fondest memory since being part of ADI?


I have had lots of great memories over the years, but the ones I remember the most are the employee appreciation events that celebrate all the hard work of the year prior and the recognition of employee tenure.


Since your time at ADI, how has the company changed?


Since I started at ADI, we have seen great growth while still maintaining our small company feel.


In your opinion, how has ADI grown since joining the Gray family?


Although the visions for ADI have not changed since joining the Gray family, it certainly has opened new opportunities to expand and grow those visions.


What’s the most valuable professional advice you’ve ever been given?


My father retired after many years in the same industry. He always told me to absorb as much information about as many things as I can, and then keep learning, because this industry is always changing, and you need to change with it.


In one word, how would you describe ADI?




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