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Extending the Gray Family During Times of Need

In mid-December 2021, a round of devastating tornadoes rolled through parts of Western Kentucky, flattening homes, destroying businesses, uprooting families, and unfortunately, taking lives. This tragic outbreak quite literally hit close to home for Gray. The company began as a regional contractor in Western Kentucky more than 60 years ago before expanding and eventually transplanting its headquarters to Lexington. But even today, much of the Gray family calls Western Kentucky home and holds it near and dear.

When Gray initially learned about the storms, we did what we always have and only know to do, we decided to help. This help included a multifaceted approach that included time, resources, and energy. Gray, from the onset, pledged thousands of volunteer hours for cleanup and recovery, which are still being served today. Donations and financial contributions were also part of the recovery efforts, but Gray really wanted to have boots on the ground to help. Dozens of volunteers from across all Gray gave their time effort and energy to pitch in and help what was, and frankly still is, a devastating scenario.

"My husband and I are from Western Kentucky, and the town we went to help was 119 people strong prior to the tornado… The impact the group made was enormous. Having help cleaning up saved thousands upon thousands of dollars so the town can now work to try and rebuild."
Shawna Palmer, Coordinator, Subcontractor Payment Compliance


"I have always wanted to help people in need, and being a safety professional at Gray has only supported that feeling. We got to speak with one of the homeowners who told us about the events of that night and how much the cleanup helps them with the healing process."
Ethan Crawford, Site Safety Manager


"Gray operates on the principle of building relationships and stresses the importance of quality of life. It was a privilege to volunteer my time, while representing Gray, and uphold those values."
Justin Southworth, Manager, Pre-Construction Services


"It breaks your heart to see it in person as compared to just seeing pictures or on the television. It means the world to me, though, to have the opportunity to volunteer our time to help with this cleanup."
Dalia Ruiz, Project Manager, Process


"When I reflect back on our days volunteering in Western Kentucky, I saw smiles on the faces of the individuals who we helped. Although our actions from a work standpoint were small, the feelings of the locals receiving the help was much greater."
Jason Mosakowski, Project Manager


Gray continues to help the people of Western Kentucky and those impacted by these devastating storms. This positive impact is only possible as a result of the dedication and determination from Gray’s team members who have donated their time, efforts, and energy.


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