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Evolution of the Company: A Team Member’s Perspective

Throughout the last 60 years, Gray has certainly grown from its small beginnings as a regional contractor building barns in Glasgow, KY. Along the journey, our team members have made all the difference, helping the company push boundaries, exceed expectations, and expand into new territories. Gray is fortunate to have several team members still working alongside us today who began this journey decades ago.


We spoke with one of those team members to talk about the company’s growth and what makes Gray such a special place to work.


What’s your favorite part about being a member of the Gray team?


I enjoy learning about many different industries and helping solve their technical challenges. It’s always something new, always a new challenge. I’ve been exposed to many more opportunities working at Gray than I would have working elsewhere.


Since your time at Gray, how has the company seen positive growth and change?


In 1996, we were in a different location, with under 200 coworkers putting in place about $200 million of work per year. We must have been doing something well, though to see the way the company has grown to what it has become today. It’s especially significant now to be expanding into process design, installation, and integration. The size and complexity of today’s projects and the future opportunities they represent are nothing short of amazing.


What’s the most valuable professional advice you’ve ever been given?


“If it were easy, they wouldn’t need us.”  Any time we are faced with a particularly difficult project or customer, it’s nice to be reminded why we do what we do.


What’s your fondest memory since being part of the Gray Family?


Walking into a new project and recognizing the folks that have shared past successes and knowing that they have my back as well as I have theirs. Also being able to bring new people into that fellowship. The knowledge that together, we can do whatever it takes to accomplish the job, being safe, and having fun doing it.


In one word, how would you describe Gray?




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