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Dedication to Growth: A Team Member’s Perspective

“When you’re green, you grow. When you’re ripe, you rot.”


That saying, coined by McDonald’s founder Ray Kroc, became a favorite of past Gray leaders, Howard and Jim Gray, as the company dedicated itself to a continual pursuit of improvement and growth. That attitude and pursuit didn’t stop with the leaders, though. It is something that still exists in every team member and is a part of what makes Gray unique.

Name: Bharath Singh
Title: Project Director
Tenure: Five years
Hobbies: I read a lot and enjoy watching my daughter and family grow.
Motto: “Stay calm and even keeled. Be humble. Self-reflect.”


We had the opportunity to sit down with Project Director Bharath Singh to talk about Gray’s continual pursuit and how it applies to business and his time with the Gray Family.


What’s your favorite part about being a member of the Gray team?


Collaboration and openness. No matter what I am working on, I can reach out to anyone who I think will be helpful across the board, and everyone is willing to contribute when possible.


Since your time at Gray, how has the company seen growth and change?


In my time at Gray, we have expanded our service offerings in both Food & Beverage and Mission Critical Markets while still maintaining the top level of service to our legacy core markets, such as Manufacturing, Automotive, and Distribution.


How has the Food & Beverage Market at Gray grown in recent years?


Just before I joined Gray, the company developed a specialized focus on Food & Beverage as a strategic growth segment. Over the past several years, I have witnessed the commitment to this objective. Gray has over 150 dedicated engineers and designers focused on projects specific to the Food & Beverage market. The company also made multiple, strategic acquisitions, including Gray Solutions, a Gray company; Spec Engineering, a Gray company; and InLine Engineers, a Gray company, to provide a full suite of turnkey services for our customers within the Food & Beverage space. Because of these decisions, and several others, Gray has seen tremendous growth in this area. We have taken on larger, more complex projects while still providing unforgettable customer experiences and great projects.


What’s your fondest memory since being part of the Gray Family?


There are many. One that stands out in my mind was at my second company-wide, Gray Family Tailgate in 2016. My family was with me and I introduced my wife and 9-year-old daughter to Jim Gray, who was a chairman of Gray Construction and also the mayor of Lexington at the time. The following week, she was walking around and telling everyone she met the “President!”


For more information about the exciting offerings and services Gray can provide inside the Food & Beverage Market, please visit our Food & Beverage Market page.


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