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Core Values Driving Growth: Q&A with Assistant Design Manager Seena Jafarpour

Companies across the globe are constantly looking for a competitive edge. For some, that edge comes in the form of new technologies or processes that they can implement into their workflow. For others, improvement comes with the addition of seasoned, market experience to help drive teams towards goals. At Gray, we firmly believe in both methods, but we also believe there is one other attribute that sets us apart from our competition: our values. We spoke with Assistant Design Manager Seena Jafarpour about his time at the company, how these values help drive growth, and what he values most about being a part of the Gray family.


What does being a part of the Gray family mean to you?


“It is a huge blessing to be around such a great group of people every day, and it brings joy and hope to my life.”


What do you enjoy most about your work?


“There is nothing more rewarding in a job that to be part of a successful and professional team and learning many new things every day.”


Since you started with the company, how has it changed in your opinion?


“I have witnessed that the company has exponentially grown, and I attribute this growth not to chance but to sticking to our core values and hard work.”


In one word or phrase, how would you describe Gray?


“Measured, steady, and smart growth.”


What has been the most memorable experience with Gray since you started?


“The first time I heard about Gray donating a portion of its revenue to charities and the impact it has on many people’s life. I became so proud and delighted knowing that my work contributed even just a very small part to the contribution. Ever since then, if I have a tough time at work, I always remind myself that there is a greater purpose behind this hard task, and it keeps going.”


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