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Accepting the Challenge: Q&A with Senior Cost Estimator Quinton Fryman

At Gray, our teams are presented with hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of challenges every single day. From the complex logistics of completing a project, to closing a deal with a potential customer, there are plenty of hurdles that present themselves at seemingly every turn. But viewed from the proper perspective, these challenges are opportunities to display the expertise of our team. We spoke with Quinton Fryman, senior cost estimator at Gray’s Ohio Valley office, about approaching these opportunities, working within a team, and the best part of being at Gray.


Tell us what your normal workday or “day in the life” is like.


“My day typically begins with whispers to wake up my two girls. As daddy, it means the world to me to be able to spend those precious moments with my girls. I help with getting them ready each morning so my hardworking wife can focus on getting her day started, then I start my commute.”


“Once at the office, I will get my day mapped out. I make a list of subcontractors and customers I need to contact. My day usually consists of a lot of conversations with our team about specific projects and strategy, building project summaries, design discussions, and material takeoffs. The meat of my day is learning from those around me and drawing as much experience from team members as possible. I also lean heavily on the experience of subcontractors and how they would handle a particular situation. My workday typically ends by ‘tying up loose ends’ and prepping for tomorrow.”


What do you enjoy most about your work?


“I really enjoy the puzzle and the competition. Every project is different and has unique challenges. Dismantling a project down to the smallest detail and putting it back together hundreds of times in your head is challenging, but it is awesome too. Doing this gives my team the ability to get pricing as tight as possible, along with limiting risk, which makes us more competitive. I take pride in the hard work, digging into details, and knowing that though competition may beat us, they will never out work us.”


What do you like most about the Gray Ohio Valley Office?


“I enjoy our team. We are a family. We celebrate together. We laugh together. We mourn together. And most importantly, we lift each other up. We do this so that the ones that come after us will be better than us. As a team, we help our customer’s visions become a reality. Our team uses a great blend of technology and experience to help these companies dream and then bring those dreams to life.”


What has been the most memorable experience with Gray since you started?


“I really enjoyed my time working in the concrete crew straight out of college. I learned a ton of valuable information that could only be gained by getting dirty and being physically exhausted.”


In one word or phrase, how would you describe Gray?




If someone were to visit the Gray Ohio Valley area, what would you recommend to them as a “must-do?”


“I would definitely recommend they go to a University of Kentucky basketball game in Rupp Arena, spend the day at Keeneland, do a bourbon tour, or enjoy a big ribeye at LeMoo in Louisville.”


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