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A Family Tradition: Q&A with Site Manager Eric King

Following in a father’s footsteps isn’t exactly uncommon. Countless children grow up wanting to be like their dad, or mom, and find themselves pursuing a career path similar to one of their parents. For Site Manager Eric King, he was practically born into Gray. His father, Ricky King, is also a site manager at Gray and has been with the company for more than 35 years. We spoke with Eric about his own time at Gray, what has made it most memorable, and what inspired him to join the Gray family.


Can you tell us what your normal workday or “day in the life” is like?


I get up around 5 a.m., get to the jobsite around 6 a.m., and get prepared for our daily 6:45 ground disturbance and safety meeting. After the meetings, I normally meet with the team to review items that needs to be accomplished for the day. Then, I make my morning rounds around the jobsite, looking for any safety, quality, and coordination issues. I coordinate with our project manager and discuss procurement on materials, equipment, etc. for the jobsite. Throughout the day, I review shop drawings, construction drawings, and submittals for the project. I also coordinate and manage any issues that arise during the day.


The term “Gray family” is multi-faceted for you. Tell us more about your father’s career at Gray and how that inspired you to be in the position you are today.


Dad’s career with Gray started a few years before I was born. Ever since I was little, my dad has been some type of a leader, whether it was at work, home, or my coach in sports. Being my coach, he was always hard on the team, especially me. He told me one time that the reason he was so hard on me was because he wanted me to be the best. That statement has stuck with me throughout my career. I also noticed that when I went to work with my dad on the self-perform side, he would push his crews to be productive in whatever tasks they were performing. With that being said, I strive to be a great leader and help others achieve their goals.


What has been the most memorable experience with Gray since you started?


The relationships that I have built with team members stand out the most to me.


In one word or phrase, how would you describe Gray?




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