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Professional Development

World-Class Teams, Our Priority.


Our purpose is possible for one reason only: our team members.


Whether you’re just starting out in your career or you’re 30 years in, Gray team members receive professional development and training opportunities to help sharpen skillsets and expand horizons. Gray promotes a fast-paced environment where you can chart your own course and take your career wherever you envision. 

Team Member Training Opportunities 


Here, you belong to a dedicated team that will be committed to your growth along the way – no matter the pathway. Through Gray’s breadth of training opportunities, you find countless opportunities to master your craft and deepen your knowledge of processes and procedures that helps move careers forward.   


Programs like Gray University (GrayU) provide an abundance of training materials aligned to our business, our core values, and your personal and professional development. Comprehensive workshops, webinars, and panel discussions are continually organized to empower our team members to become the best version of themselves. 


Gray offers various leadership training programs to provide team members with the opportunity to learn the necessary skills to unlock their highest potential and become exceptional leaders. Programs including Horizon, SOAR, and Arrowhead (to name a few!) educate Gray’s future leaders on the emotional intelligence, management, and adaptability required to advance themselves and shepherd others to their ultimate goals.  


Regularly scheduled “Lunch & Learns” throughout the Gray family of brands, from project and site management to design and engineering, help educate team members in an engaging and convenient manner. 

"At Gray, we believe that personal growth precedes company growth. We offer numerous opportunities for our people to master their craft and grow in their careers."
Stephen Gray, President & Chief Executive Officer, Gray, Inc.

Family of Brands Cross-Collaboration  


The Gray family of brands includes several specialized companies whose capabilities augment and complement one another. Cross-collaboration amongst companies helps you drive innovative solutions and gain specialized skillsets. From opportunities in engineering and equipment fabrication to automation and robotics, the Gray family of brands provides a breadth of opportunities for candidates and team members alike to explore. 

Emerging Leaders Group  


Initiatives like Gray’s Emerging Leaders Group (ELG) provide networking and training opportunities that build our junior team members into future managers and company leaders. Upon joining Gray, new team members are automatically enrolled in ELG and provided a wealth of personal and professional development opportunities – this is one way team members really learn the “the Gray way” of doing business.  

"Since day one, Gray has supported my personal and professional development. The support I receive from Gray has empowered me and built my confidence to accomplish any mission."
Annie Lozano, Senior Project Manager
Your Career Awaits at Gray.