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Invaluable Experience to Unlock Your Potential.


Paid Internships. Real Responsibility. Unmatched Experience.


It’s never too early to start building the career of your dreams. Gray’s paid internship programs provide opportunities for college students to gain valuable, hands-on experience, and have a lot of fun in the process! 


Gray’s interns are a vital part of the family, and we’re committed to being a vital part of their education. As an intern, you’ll learn from designated mentors on the “Gray Way” of doing business while gaining real-world knowledge and training. 

"Being an intern at Gray is certainly not your stereotypical experience of filing paperwork and making coffee runs. Here, you're given complete ownership of real responsibilities that directly contribute to the success of a project."
Adam Lepke, Project Engineer

Endless Possibilities, Year ‘Round 


Gray’s class of interns consists of students from various schools and diverse backgrounds that are placed throughout the company – aligning with their specific interests and fields of study. With both part-time and full-time opportunities, internships are offered in a range of fields, including: 


  • Architecture: Design, BIM/VDC 
  • Construction Management: Site Management, Project Management, Safety 
  • Engineering: Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Process & Automation  


At Gray, we believe meaningful engagement is built upon a foundation of connection, purpose, and communication. Our interns are empowered and equipped to build relationships that last a lifetime and are designated team member mentors for the duration of their internship. These mentors spend one-on-one, purposeful time with interns, teaching the “Gray Way” of doing business and providing real-world knowledge and training for their future careers.  

From Intern to CEO


At Gray, there’s no ceiling on your potential. Many of our team members started their careers with Gray as interns – even our President & Chief Executive Officer Brian Jones. 


“From intern to CEO, Gray has invested in me both personally and professionally, giving me opportunities to learn from the very best leaders in the industry,” said Jones. “I’m fortunate to work for a company that operates with a broad sense of family and truly cares about their people.”


Gray’s internship program is structured as a full-time job, with a similar work schedule and workload to full-time employees. This ability to take on real responsibilities at a full-time capacity leaves interns feeling confident and equipped, making the transition to the real world as smooth and successful as possible.  

"I think I learned more in my first month interning at Gray than I did in four years of school. They put a lot of faith in me, gave me a lot of leeway in what I was doing, and really gave me an opportunity to prove myself."
Riley Musick, Site Safety Manager

Your Career Awaits at Gray.