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Committed to Your Overall Well-Being.


Gray offers customers around the world a wide platform of fully integrated services to meet their needs, and we treat our team members no differently. We take care of our people wherever they are. 


When you join Gray, you begin a relationship that invests in your total wellbeing. In addition to competitive starting salaries and bonus opportunities, we are committed to providing a unique set of benefits to ensure your personal wellness and professional success. 

Top-Tier Health Insurance  


Gray’s health and wellness program is a whole-person approach; put simply, nothing is more important. We deliver the best quality work to our customers when we support our people and their families. 


Our comprehensive health plan options, including medical, dental, and vision insurance, provide our team members with the tools they need for treatment, preventative care, exams, and prescriptions.  Gray’s life, disability, and supplemental insurance options provide peace of mind and support to rely on in challenging times. Our team members overseas are offered private health insurance, life insurance, and an employee assistance programme (EAP).  

Set Your Out of Office 


We believe in families first.  


Taking time off from work is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. Gray offers generous vacation, health, holiday, and bereavement options for team members to disconnect from work and reset with loved ones.  


Our paid caregiver leave options ensure team members have time to spend with the newest members of their family or step away to care for other loved ones during difficult times. 

"The hope is that you can realize your full potential while living a fulfilled life. Bringing your whole self to work is hard, but is an important part of mental well-being that we want to embrace."
Brian Jones, President & Chief Executive Officer, Gray Construction

Financial Wellness  


At Gray, competitive pay is only the beginning of a fulfilling career journey. We take care of our people so that they can live life to the fullest and focus on what matters. 


In addition to generous base salaries and bonus opportunities, we provide the tools to help you establish goals that align with your vision, and the means to turn that vision into reality. Through our financial network and partners, you have access to financial advisors, portfolio management, and many other services. 


Our Employee Stock Ownership (ESOP) program ensures that Gray’s success is your success. As a company that is approximately 30% employee-owned, Gray is proud to offer stock to our team members on an annual basis. 


Gray’s Health Savings & Flexible Spending Accounts help you reap the benefits of available tax-advantaged HSA and FSA options and save on what you already pay for. Additionally, Gray makes saving for your future in retirement easy with our 401(k) retirement savings plan. 

Mental Health as a Priority  


At Gray, there is nothing more important to us than your health and wellbeing, and this includes mental health. It’s okay not to be okay. Historically, our industries have some of the highest rates of mental health struggles and suicide, and we are doing everything in our power to flip the script. In breaking down stigmas around mental health, we create an environment where both the personal and professional can show up each day.  


Now, more than ever, we are committed to providing you with the knowledge, support, and resources you need to stay healthy from the inside out. Gray partners with Lyra Health to provide free mental health care and coaching to both team members and their families. With a network of 10,000+ high-quality providers, team members and their family members are matched with the appropriate care to navigate difficult challenges—from depression, anxiety, and work stress to relationship management and substance abuse—providing up to 25 sessions per year at no out of pocket cost.  


"Understanding the importance of stress management, and to promote total wellness of mind, body, and spirit, Gray's wellness initiatives provide access to a wide range of professional services and resources."
Beth Beldon, Vice President, HR Operations
Your Career Awaits at Gray.