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Gray Benefits & Rewards

Working with Gray.


Our team members aren’t just employees. Each is a core part of the Gray family with a thorough set of skills ranging from engineering, design, and construction to smart manufacturing, equipment fabrication, real estate, and beyond. As our family grows, we continuously search for people who enjoy meeting challenges, day after day, with creative solutions and deep expertise. We believe this pursuit of excellence merits an equally rewarding set of benefits.


Driven by our third core value that states, “We treat others the way we want to be treated, where everyone is welcome and respected,” we strive to create a workplace that ensures our team members have a safe and supportive work environment.

we see your value


Gray offers customers around the world a wide platform of fully integrated services to meet their needs, and we treat our team members no differently. When you join Gray, you begin a relationship that invests in your total well-being. In addition to substantial starting salaries and bonus opportunities, we’re committed to providing a unique set of benefits—from a range of health plans to Gray stock ownership to continued training and education—to ensure your personal wellness and professional success.




Put plainly, nothing is more important. Gray offers a comprehensive benefits package to ensure that individuals and families can live healthy lifestyles, receive the care they need, and enjoy life to the fullest.


Medical, vision, and dental plans

We provide varying health plan options for medical treatment, preventative care, exams, prescriptions, and more to help our people choose what’s best for them and their families.


Convenient wellness resources

Created to promote total wellness of mind, body, and spirit, our corporate initiatives provide access to a wide range of professional health services and resources.


Life, disability, and supplemental insurance

Peace of mind means more than covering you when things run smoothly; Gray’s additional insurance options provide support you can rely on in even the toughest times.





At Gray, competitive pay is only the beginning of a fulfilling career journey. We take care of our people so that they can live life to the fullest and focus on what matters.


Generous base salary

Build your financial success upon a solid foundation. Compensation at Gray is designed to attract you to our team and keep you growing with us for the long haul.


Bonus opportunities

With success comes opportunity; Gray’s dynamic annual bonuses offer you extra incentive to maximize your potential by rewarding eligible team members for applying their talents and developing new skills.



financial resources


We know that financial wellness means more than tracking a balance sheet. We provide the tools to help you establish goals that align with your vision, and the means to turn that vision into reality.


Health Savings and Flexible Spending Accounts

Reap the benefits of available tax-advantaged HSA and FSA options and save on what you already pay for.


Employee stock ownership (ESOP) program

At Gray, our success is your success. As a company that’s approximately 30% employee-owned, Gray is proud to offer stock to our team members on an annual basis.


401(k) retirement accounts

We know a thing or two about laying a firm foundation; Gray makes saving for your future in retirement easy with our 401(k) retirement savings plan.


Asset management

Through our financial network and partners, you have access to financial advisors, portfolio management, and a host of other services.




There’s a reason that Gray is the final career destination for much of our team: here, you have the freedom to make the most of your present and your future.


Generous paid time off

Part of any healthy work-life balance involves taking time to rest and recuperate. Gray’s leave policy is designed for you to enjoy your paid time off when and how you want.


Continued training and education opportunities

We’re leaders in our industry thanks to our skilled, educated workforce, and we’re committed to equipping you with the tools and training to take your career to the next level.


Advancement opportunities

Many at Gray started their careers here and have risen into leadership roles, because we believe our team members have the willingness to grow and the talent to shine.



Community service opportunities

From organizing blood drives and disaster relief volunteers to fundraising for local charities, Gray knows the value of celebrating and serving with its community.


Non-earned paid holidays 

Everybody deserves to celebrate the year’s biggest moments. That’s why Gray holiday pay isn’t tied to your work responsibilities, years of service, or a merit-based system.


Family and community events

We cherish the Gray tradition of bringing team members and their loved ones together. Whether it’s a football tailgate, a night of bowling, or a holiday party, we’ve got something for everyone.

See What Our People Have to Say.

There’s no greater acclaim than the love and respect of our team members. Check out what they have to say about being part of the Gray family.

"Every time I enter the office, it brings a positive energy to my day. We are surrounded by people who support each other through their challenges."
Ben Poore, Project Manager
"Gray has never felt like just a company to me, but something way more special than that. Gray is a group of people with various backgrounds, experiences, and talents tied together with a focused commitment to each other’s success."
Taylor Bowling, Project Manager
"At Gray, my insight is always appreciated, my decisions are trusted, and my leadership is valued. The support I receive from Gray has empowered me and built my confidence to accomplish any mission."
Annie Lozano, Project Manager
"I’m proud to be working for a company that truly cares about their team members."
Carlos Delgado, Senior Project Manager, Gray Solutions
It's Good to Go Gray.


Whether through our site managers, process engineers, or automation experts, Gray’s success is fueled by our talented people and their enduring passion. Do you have the skills and drive to go Gray? Check out our open positions.