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Charlotte, N.C.
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Siemens Energy, Inc., a repeat customer, selected Gray to construct a new 489,905 s.f. gas turbine manufacturing plant and office complex on the campus of Siemens’ existing Steam Turbine and Generator Service Center in Charlotte, N.C. At the time, this was the largest project for Siemens worldwide, and the largest project in Charlotte in 30 years.

Project Facts

  • 300-acre site
  • Constructed with 12,000 tons of steel
  • Ten-month schedule
  • Building features:
    • One 450-ton crane—one of the largest installed in the U.S. at the time
    • One 250-ton crane installed on the same rail as the 450-ton crane
    • One 100'-high bay
    • 71 equipment foundations ranging from 2' to 34' deep
  • Siemens achieved LEED® Gold certification
  • Project received a National Design-Build Award in 2013

Elements of sustainable design incorporated into the facility include:

Site Impact

  • Brownfield redevelopment of a previously contaminated site
  • Utilized regional materials
  • Control of water runoff by storm water management strategies
  • Reduce heat-island effect with highly reflective roofing
  • Eliminated irrigation through use of native and highly adaptive plants
  • Utilized recycled materials
  • Controlled soil erosion, waterway sedimentation and airborne dust generation
  • Recycled 75% of construction waste and demolition debris
  • 50% of project's wood derived from FSC-certified forest
  • Achieved four regional priority credits unique to the locale
  • Earned Innovation in Design points by way of the exemplary performance path

Operational Impact

  • Reduction of light pollution to conserve night-sky quality
  • Reduced water usage with low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • Commissioning strategies for efficient building systems
  • 34% targeted improvement in building performance rating for energy efficiency
  • Met requirements for enhanced refrigerant management
  • Measuring energy consumption over time to help manage building operations
  • 35% of the building’s electricity derived from renewable sources
  • Utilized indoor air quality management plans

Employee Impact

  • Free shuttle service to public transportation
  • Preferred parking for low-emitting vehicles
  • Bike racks and lockers
  • Shower and changing areas
  • Maximization of open space
  • Individual lighting controls for 90% of building occupants
  • Comfortable thermal environment
  • met requirements of ASHRAE Standard 55-2004
  • Verified thermal comfort through survey 6-18 months after occupancy

Services Provided by Gray:

  • Building Systems Analysis and Design
  • Interior Design
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Project Visualization
  • Civil Engineering
  • MEP Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Structural Engineering

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