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Lighting systems

At SBE, we believe that lighting systems are one of the most important parts of your project.  The light fixture selections and controls can enhance the workspace and worker experience and may also impact the safety of an area. SBE uses a collaborative approach to design energy efficient lighting systems that meet recommended lighting levels, required codes, as well as any required criteria which you may have established at your facilities. Fixtures are selected based on expected environments of the installation and for proper illumination. SBE has experienced engineers and designers to design site lighting, interior lighting, task lighting, and lighting control systems for a quality installation on your project.  By working with SBE and implementing our lighting designs, you can be confident you are getting a safe and effective lighting solution.

Spencer Bristol is a Gray company.

Spencer Bristol serves customers in a diverse range of industries. In 2017, Spencer Bristol joined the Gray family of brands to complement its project management and design services. As a Gray company, we continue to provide practical design services for transportation, commercial, industrial, and government institutions.