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NexGen Spotlight: A Firm Foundation

Concrete has been the main constant for Brian Carson for more than two decades. From working in the concrete industry to operating his own small business, Carson calls himself a “concrete guy through and through.” 


Officially joining the NexGen Contracting team in November 2022, Carson embarked on a mission to establish and expand its concrete division. Starting with just a handful of team members, the NexGen Concrete division has gradually gained momentum, securing projects across the country. From the Pacific Northwest to Florida, their portfolio has grown through hard work and a commitment to quality. 


One of the team’s premier projects was working on data center projects in the Pacific Northwest. 


In addition to the technical expertise, Carson emphasizes the importance of cultural fit and mentorship. Through programs like the Concrete Industry Management (CIM), Carson is dedicated to nurturing the next generation of concrete professionals, bridging the industry’s talent gap and fostering innovation. As an MBA graduate from that program, Carson serves as a guest lecturer at the Texas State University campus in Austin, TX. 


“I’m really passionate about helping fill the vacuum of knowledge in the industry through this program,” he said. “This ties back to NexGen’s goal to build up the next generation of builders. There are people that are wanting to learn and work hard—it’s refreshing and invigorating to be around them.” 

As the Concrete division expands, Carson understands the challenges of his unit being spread across the country and ensures clear and transparent communication and detailed planning occur daily. 


“We are proving ourselves at the project level that we can perform high-quality self-perform work,” he said. “More opportunities are opening up, and we’re excited.” 


The future of NexGen Concrete is bright, as they strive to be at the forefront of technological advancement and embraces innovations like fiber reinforcement and high-performance slab systems. But it always comes back to the people who make NexGen a successful operation.  


“Absolutely and unequivocally, what I am most proud of is the team we’ve put together,” Carson said. “These individuals are passionate about what they do and are committed to build up the next generation of builders and contribute to Gray’s overall success.” 

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