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Inside Look: What Construction Safety Means to Gray Team Members

Inside Look: What Construction Safety Means to Gray Team Members

At Gray, we put safety and quality of life first. It's not just a talking point or something that's displayed on the wall. It’s our first core value and an ongoing commitment for all team members.

Sadly, on average, three fatalities happen in U.S. construction each day. This is not a statistic that we take lightly. Safety Week gives us the opportunity to take a step back from our regular work days and focus on the fact that there is no task important enough that we sacrifice safety to accomplish it. 

To wrap up this year’s Safety Week and to emphasize the significance of safety in construction, we are highlighting some of our Gray team members and the reasons they focus on safety in their lives.

Remember, “Safety goes beyond regulations, laws and rules,” said project manager Wei Wang. We have a responsibility to ensure our work environments are as safe as possible, not because it’s our job, but because everyone deserves the opportunity to go home to their loved ones at the end of the day the same way, or better, than when they arrived. 

At Gray, safety is “making an everlasting difference in people’s lives to where they’ll carry the safety culture with them into the next project,” said Rory Wysong, regional safety manager.

What does safety mean to you?

To learn more about Gray’s dedication to safety and to explore the Gray Safety 6, visit /about-gray/construction-safety-program?utm_source=Website&utm_medium=gray%20blog&utm_campaign=2018%20safety%20tips.