Start-Up, Commissioning and Project Close-Out.

InLine Engineers performs Start-Up services such as full instrumentation and automation check outs, test shot management, and fully managing the start up curve and commissioning plans. If specified, we manage all Site Acceptance Testing on (SAT) on equipment. We coordinate operator training, transfer all manuals and programming documentation, transfer all documentation on new assets, and provide the final as-built drawing packages. We then review all final scope documents with your teams.


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  • ICO/ACO check outs
  • SAT-develop criteria and participate
  • Validate line performance
  • Manage training plan
  • Transfer manuals and documentation
  • Review final scope documents

InLine Engineers is a Gray company.

InLine provides engineering, process improvement, and planning services for Food & Beverage leaders. In 2018, InLine joined the Gray family to complement its Food & Beverage offering. As a Gray company, we help customers transform their operations to maximize their ROI.