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T. Marzetti

Process and Package Design Improvements Will Boost Production.

InLine Engineers is collaborating with Gray on a project for T. Marzetti—a manufacturer of salad dressings, dips, and other food products—to expand the customer’s facility and increase production capacity. The expansion will double the size of the original facility, which will allow InLine the opportunity to upgrade and add equipment as well as improve the flow of materials through the space.


InLine is updating the operation from a kettle cook system to a high-temperature processing skid with continuous cook technology that increases production while reducing the footprint for the process. The new process design also incorporates multiple kitchens and ingredient tanks.


Filling and packaging design will add two lines for bottling 8-24 oz. salad dressings. The new lines will serve as T. Marzetti’s fastest, capable of processing 400 bottles per minute, and will significantly improve throughput for this stage of production.


This project has been made possible by strong cooperation and highlights the expertise that InLine brings to food & beverage operators looking to boost production capacity and efficiency.

InLine Engineers is a Gray company.

InLine provides engineering, process improvement, and planning services for Food & Beverage leaders. In 2018, InLine joined the Gray family to complement its Food & Beverage offering. As a Gray company, we help customers transform their operations to maximize their ROI.