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InLine Sanitary Mixing Skid


Sanitary Liquid Mixing Case Study

A major beverage client approached us with an urgent need for a sanitary liquid mixing skid. The skid needed to accurately dilute a liquid ingredient with water, over a wide range of flow rates and a high degree of accuracy under changing liquid flow conditions.


InLine brainstormed potential equipment configurations that would meet the customer’s requirements. Meanwhile, we also identified vendors that had equipment in stock to shorten the overall delivery time of the project, since lead time on components such as pumps and flowmeters can often be several months.


InLine worked seamlessly with CRG Technologies to create fabrication drawings for the skid frame and piping assembly drawings, using our internal sanitary design standards. A 3D model of the finished skid was also created in AutoCAD Inventor. InLine worked side-by-side with the CRG fabrication team during the skid build process to ensure that everything was assembled with sanitary design in mind. The system was wired, commissioned and the customer performed a factory acceptance test to ensure mixing performance within a few days.


Thanks to intelligent sourcing and team synergy, the entire project was completed from concept to completion in 8 weeks. The system delivered the consistent mixing ratios desired, under difficult and unsteady flow conditions.


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