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Sanitary Process Room - InLine


New Sanitary Process Room


“Ready to Eat” process room was required for several new snack foods in an existing plant. The project was to be carried out during normal production and protection was needed to protect existing processes.



The scope included design and build for a wet wash processing room, utilizing the latest sanitary design standards for process equipment, HVAC air handling/ducting, walls, ceiling, doors, lighting, flooring, and drain systems. The design also included sanitary equipment process piping, electrical piping, and compressed air piping utilizing wet wash materials. Our design team worked with an extensive client team to review and drive consensus for sanitary designs, materials and layouts.


The project was executed in an existing plant with temporary protection installed which included a detailed food safety risk mitigation plan to protect existing processes. The new process room and equipment was installed on schedule and on budget and many accolades were received for the clean design and sanitary features to facilitate safe operations, sanitation, and maintenance.

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