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InLine Food Plant Oil Storage


Food Plant Oil Storage Design



Over the past several years, most food producers have been moving away from using high saturated fat in their process. In many cases this change means giving up the stability of the old fat as it is replaced with healthier non Trans Fat alternative blends that are more sensitive to temperature changes and have a shorter shelf life. These changes require that companies re-evaluate their existing storage and handling systems. As a result, modifications to the current infrastructure are required to be able to deliver safety, functionality, and quality.


InLine worked closely with our client to develop and execute a project that…..

  • added new process controls to the existing infrastructure
  • developed a streamlined piping system
  • integrated a monitoring system that closely manages the inventory flow and utilization
  • utilized improved storage tank designs
  • converted carbon steel materials to stainless steel
  • greatly improved the oil receiving process

“We have metrics in place that measure the value InLine provides”

Customer Comment

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InLine provides engineering, process improvement, and planning services for Food & Beverage leaders. In 2018, InLine joined the Gray family to complement its Food & Beverage offering. As a Gray company, we help customers transform their operations to maximize their ROI.