High Speed Beverage Ingredient Dosing



A client that produces beverages came to us with a request to help develop high speed liquid ingredient dosing, to be utilized in their bottling process, with precise accuracy and reliability.




InLine executed a step by step action plan to achieve the goal:


We first evaluated risk- high speeds, verification of dose, required unlimited flexibility, variable viscosities, sanitary CIP requirement.


Our team then generated various ideas for possible solutions- intermittent motion, walking beam, ballistic targeting, timed valve, physical pumps, etc.


We then worked to eliminate risk. We investigated pharma, chem E, medical, and other industries. InLine reviewed (3) Proof of Principles to eliminate the two most prominent alternatives. The third PoP became our focus and we progressed through rigorous accuracy and reliability testing. Acceptable reliability was achieved.


InLine then developed a specification. We built and tested a first commercial unit and wrote operating guidelines and standard operating procedures. A complete set of fabrication drawings were then generated for mass production.


Vendor sourcing was the next step as we assisted our client in sourcing a “builder” with capabilities and support staff. We used the first commercial unit to train and test vendor support staff. We trained a second isolated “builder” to assemble and test critical ‘intellectual property’ parts, insulating them from primary builder.


InLine then created and implementation plan, and activated the first system in a production environment.


Next, we developed an installation and start-up process and demonstrated its effectiveness to management. We documented installation techniques and settings.


Once we achieved acceptable results detailed in Scope of Work and Charter, we assisted the client with a scale up to full production.

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