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InLine Engineers Attends Cohesive Teams Trainings

The Gray Family of Brands is committed to building and maintaining strong relationships. InLine Engineers recently had the opportunity to attend Cohesive Teams Trainings. Carol Horner, Founder and President of Synchronicity, held multiple workshops for our teams. These workshops were focused on communication, leadership, and synchronization. It allowed our teams to get to know one another better while learning about the Everything Disc training model. This model gives insight into your personal style and help us “be in sync” with other styles.

The InLine team that attended the Cohesive training in Atlanta also got to attend a ballgame after their training.

IE Ballgame7 IE Ballgame6 IE Ballgame5 IE Ballgame4 IE Ballgame3 IE Ballgame2

Thank you Carol for the opportunity to learn and grow. Our Team appreciates it. Spiral UP!

InLine Engineers is a Gray company.

InLine provides engineering, process improvement, and planning services for Food & Beverage leaders. In 2018, InLine joined the Gray family to complement its Food & Beverage offering. As a Gray company, we help customers transform their operations to maximize their ROI.