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Front-End Loading (FEL) Phase 1 for Instinct

A Front-End Loading (FEL) Phase 1 was completed for an existing pet food facility to evaluate future growth at a greenfield location. This FEL-1 reviewed current processes and proposed the best layout and design for moving them as well as accounting for future growth. Instinct’s concept was translated to a cohesive design of a plant layout with equipment drawings, process drawings, electrical loads, utility drawings, and 3D drawings.   


The design included tempering, freeze drying, HPP, research and development, warehouse storage, and a new production area utilizing dehydration and refrigeration elements. ADPE worked with equipment vendors to properly specify equipment into the proposed layout along with following GMP, FSMA, and NFPA 652 regulations. At the completion of the FEL-1, Instinct established a budget for the next phase of the project along with a refined facility footprint for quoting. This Centre of Excellence facility will provide best-in-show practices and tours for customers and partners. 


Why front-end loading?

  • Assess and reduce risks
  • Leverage industry experience
  • More flexibly manage project changes
  • Expedite schedules
  • Maximize ROI

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