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Historic Preservation

We love history.

We specialize in structural design and analysis of historical preservation projects. We have been recognized for excellence in restoration and rehabilitation by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation. Our services are sought-after because our approach ensures that structures remain safe while preserving the original construction and architectural design that make these sites unique. We have a strong system of quality control, ensuring preservation code compliance.


In 2020, Willett provided structural design for the renovation of the historic Ford Auditorium, a project which would go on to receive an Architecture MasterPrize. Read more.

Hardman Farm, 1903
Preserving structures over 100 years old.

Willett Engineering is a Gray company.

Willett Engineering is a structural analysis and design company offering best-in-class development for industrial projects, educational facilities, offices, retail buildings, steel erection, and more. In 2018, Willett joined the Gray family of brands to complement its structural engineering services. As a Gray company, Willett continues to combine excellence in engineering with collaborative solutions, using the latest in technology and design.