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Midtown High School

Innovative solutions to unique structural challenges

Atlanta, Georgia

Client: Cooper Carry


Space was limited for the expansion of this historic school located in Atlanta’s bustling and trendy Midtown district.


Willett Engineering was presented with this challenge: to design a new classroom building which would bridge 30 feet over the underlying sewer system.


With ingenuity and thorough communication with architects and contractors, the Willett team pulled off this engineering feat with finesse. The result is a four-story addition with 18 new classrooms and a beautiful new terrace entrance.


Total construction cost: $17 million

A modern addition to a historic campus.

Willett Engineering is a Gray company.

Willett Engineering is a structural analysis and design company offering best-in-class development for industrial projects, educational facilities, offices, retail buildings, steel erection, and more. In 2018, Willett joined the Gray family of brands to complement its structural engineering services. As a Gray company, Willett continues to combine excellence in engineering with collaborative solutions, using the latest in technology and design.