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Recovery Data Center

Automated Systems and Controls Enable Precise Cooling.

Spencer Bristol Engineering provided MEP design engineering for the installation of new HVAC, electrical, and control systems in a customer’s recovery data center. Project design included a modular chiller plant providing N+1 cooling to the data center floor, along with a traditional central chiller plant providing N+1 cooling to the backup recovery unit office areas. An innovative scheme of automated control valves allowed any chiller to provide cooling to all areas of the facility, resulting in redundancy greater than 2N.


Project services:

  • Conceptual, schematic, design development, & contract documents
  • Field engineering
  • Contract administration
  • Commissioning


Key features:

  • Modular chiller plant
  • 440 tons of N+1 cooling for magnetic bearing chillers
  • Thermal storage tanks for operational transients
  • New EPMS and BAS
  • Well water system with city water backup

Spencer Bristol is a Gray company.

Spencer Bristol serves customers in a diverse range of industries. In 2017, Spencer Bristol joined the Gray family of brands to complement its project management and design services. As a Gray company, we continue to provide practical design services for transportation, commercial, industrial, and government institutions.