Toll Processing

At our fully FDA approved tolling facility, we are able to handle most of today’s toughest processing challenges. Because of Spec Engineering’s capabilities and wide breadth of industry and process knowledge, we are able to quickly adapt and engineer a solution.


what we can handle

  1. Screening and Separation
  2. Blending and Mixing
  3. Magnetic Separation
  4. Depumping
  5. Particle Size Reduction
  6. Packaging and Repackaging
  7. Lab Analysis
  8. Liquid Dosing, Filling, Filtering


Advantages of toll processing

When a company outsources certain aspects of its production to a third party, their equipment will be free for other projects. Toll processing also provides flexibility when developing new products or making changes to existing products without disrupting current production. These toll processing services can also serve as a research and development arm to help introduce new products to market and test their market viability.

Tackle Tough Processing Challenges

Our toll processing facility is conveniently located in the Chicagoland area.

Spec Engineering is a Gray company.

Spec is a process engineering company, focused on best-in-class solutions for customers in the food, grain, minerals, chemicals, and pharma industries. In 2019, Spec became part of the Gray family of brands. As a Gray company, we continue to offer comprehensive expertise, catered to your scope, schedule, and budget.