Design and Front-End Engineering

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Spec Engineering front-end design packages improve project planning and identify problems upfront that would later result in financial issues. Utilizing the Spec Engineering ‘phase zero’ project planning step, buyers are empowered to make more informed decisions. Once complete, you will be provided with more insight and all the information necessary for a thorough management review and RFQ package. Begin your CAPEX projects with more confidence and a more accurate calculated ROI.


Satisfied Spec Engineering FED customers have identified this process as a crucial step to receiving an organized project delivered on time and within budget.

fel-1: feasibility phase

This is your 30,000 ft. overview. At this stage, customers receive preliminary process flow diagrams, a high-level project schedule, an initial mechanical equipment list, and total installed cost estimates +/- 25-30%, among other items.

FEL-2: Design Engineering phase

Building on the discoveries from a FEL-1, this stage will produce a final process flow diagram, a final process description, and a total installed cost +/- 15-20%, along with other deliverables.

Fel-3: detailed engineering phase

During this stage, you are essentially one step away from construction and/or installation. Customers will receive a 3D mechanical design layout, structural design, utility P&IDs, and more. Total installed cost will be +/- 5-10%.

Spec Engineering is a Gray company.

Spec is a process engineering company, focused on best-in-class solutions for customers in the food, grain, minerals, chemicals, and pharma industries. In 2019, Spec became part of the Gray family of brands. As a Gray company, we continue to offer comprehensive expertise, catered to your scope, schedule, and budget.