Paper Fiber System Design Improvement

Project Objectives:

  • Improve difficult-to-flow material delivery
  • Consistently deliver and dose material to accurate batch requirements (+/- 1%)
  • Eliminate dust and risk due to insufficient receivers and air management


Implemented Process Control design improvement based on the necessary changes supplied on the paper fiber storage and weighing system. Main objectives include discharging as much product as possible out of weigh bin and not leaving residual product in the weigh bin after transfer, thus achieving reliable ad consistent delivery.

Project Highlights:

  • Created a quicker discharge time to increase production and throughput
  • Storage hopper discharger runs continuously during discharging
  • Improved the accuracy of the weight hopper load cell readings
  • Provided more accurate and custom batch size per formula
  • Managed scale control and integration with existing legacy PLC control system
  • Eliminated all bad batch and re-work, increased OE by over 30%

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