Microporous Insulation Production Process


Vacuum convey lightweight material (4 pcf) and minor ingredients to a mixer for distribution and separation of fibers. Finished material conveying to product storage bin. Screw auger system and custom gain-in-weight scale system filled bags of finished material. Implement an automatic control system for conveying, mix cycles, and accurate feeding of finished product.

Project Highlights:

  • Fully automated process initiated by operator interface HMI with system display status.
  • Vacuum conveyor operator by compressed air eliminated excess motor loads required for the operation.
  • Central dust collector to pull clouds of lightweight dusty material away from operators and control nuisance dust for cleaning.
  • Complete turnkey system including integration and implementation supervision services.
  • Equipment included: bag dump station, vacuum conveyor with discharge hopper, mixer, storage hopper, gain-in-weight feeder, butterfly valve, dust collection unit, dust collection piping and hoods, and controls system

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