Kraft Heinz Cheese Formulation

Spec Engineering completed a multi-line expansion containing new equipment and processes to four rooms including dry ingredient bulk bag unloaders, a liquid cheese cook room, drying and blending room, and a clean-in-place (CIP) sanitation system. All new equipment was specifically designed and manufactured to be safe and ergonomic for the plant operators, while increasing production rates from 7,000 lbs. per hour to 10,000 lbs. per hour.


  • A nine-ingredient smart batching system consists of nine bulk bag unloaders designed for food safety and traceable ingredients in mind.
  • An integrated dust collector is added to each discharger to control dust mitigation and product loss by discharging collected dust back to the receiving transition.
  • Wye diverters are used in one common pneumatic conveying line to switch between the vacuum receiver of cooker one or cooker two. With precisely timed batches and only one line, costs were reduced on piping, blowers, and stainless-steel filter receivers.
  • The new sanitary CIP system incorporates three 1,000-gallon tanks for caustic wash, acid wash, and freshwater rinsing, cleaning half the plant and covering 21 different circuit points. Over 2,000 feet of new sanitary 3-inch 316L stainless steel tubing was routed and installed.


The project was awarded a Manufacturing Innovation Award by ProFood World, a leading food & beverage manufacturing publication. Learn more about the story behind the project here.


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"The innovative culture established by the Kraft Heinz plant personnel and leadership truly empowered the Spec design team to deliver innovative solutions throughout the project."
Brian R. Bernard, President

Spec Engineering

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