Food Service Specialties Equipment Upgrades

Food Service Specialties, based in Red Wing, MN, specializes in making custom tomato and dairy-based sauces. When it came time to upgrade their existing system to meet production requirements, Food Service Specialties called on the Gray family of brands.


Food Service Specialties needed a way to fulfill the increasing orders from their downstream restaurant, frozen food, and retail grocer partners. The company was using a 2-piston pump Graco unloading system to assist in the process, but they couldn’t keep up with the increased demand.


For this project, Spec Engineering installed an additional I/O panel to tie into the Graco BES control station to enhance the company’s process. This allowed for reduced unloading times and seamless integration into the Clean-in-Place (CIP) system.


For more information about these services the Gray family of brands performed on this project, view the full description here.

Spec Engineering is a Gray company.

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