Coating System

  • Tanks and Reactors
    100-1,100 Gallons
  • Recipes
  • Feed Pumps

Spec Engineering designed and supplied the necessary process equipment to produce an FDA acceptable, alcohol-based coating. Various steam jacketed tanks and reactors ranging from 100 gallons to 1,100 gallons were integrated. The process system was rated for Class 1, Division 1 explosion protection per NFPA guidelines.


Project Highlights:

  • The entire system, consisting of nine process tanks, ten feed pumps, agitators, a delivery system and instrumentation, was completely automated for operation. One operator will oversee inventory and audit tracking for quality assurance.
  • Utilized new and used tanks and reactors.
  • Provided completely automated system.
  • Worked closely with customer to develop over 30 recipes.

Spec Engineering is a Gray company.

Spec is a process engineering company, focused on best-in-class solutions for customers in the food, grain, minerals, chemicals, and pharma industries. In 2019, Spec became part of the Gray family of brands. As a Gray company, we continue to offer comprehensive expertise, catered to your scope, schedule, and budget.