Vendor Highlight: Group Four Transducers

SPEC Engineering is committed to collaboration and forming partnerships with companies that will together provide the best custom solutions to all customers. SPEC and Group Four Transducers have worked together for over 10 years to ensure the proper weighing components are provided to accomplish each customer’s individual needs. 

SPEC and Group Four Transducers share a similar mindset when it comes to providing the optimum solution for each customer’s need. Neither company takes a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, the companies take time to listen to the unique parameters presented by each application to ensure the best overall performance results at the best value.

Group Four Transducers excels at providing components designed to optimize performance, and they can also provide specific controls interfaces to ensure your company’s weighing/batching system is in sync with your plant wide control system. Group Four and SPEC can provide after implementation support with ports and field service to keep the operations running and calibrated. Working with Group Four, SPEC can continue to provide customers a single-source solution for weighing and scaling capabilities. 

Spec Engineering is a Gray company.

Spec is a process engineering company, focused on best-in-class solutions for customers in the food, grain, minerals, chemicals, and pharma industries. In 2019, Spec became part of the Gray family of brands. As a Gray company, we continue to offer comprehensive expertise, catered to your scope, schedule, and budget.