Spec Team Spotlight: Sarah Dean



Sarah Dean is a quality inspector at Spec Engineering. She is responsible for reviewing products and materials before, during, and after manufacturing to make sure they meet the company requirements. She also helps with running tests before Spec sends them to the customer to make sure we are sending quality machines and panels.


One of Sarah’s favorite parts of working at Spec is the work environment. “There is a diverse group of employees that brings different skills and talents, and the work environment overall has been refreshing for me,” she said. Her favorite part of her job is checking the parts, passing them to the production manager, then watching the machine being built from the ground up. Sarah’s most memorable moment since starting at Spec is watching the Naperville manufacturing shop grow and take shape and seeing firsthand the progress that we made from start to finish. She also said, “it has been impressive to watch the team grow and expand Spec’s capabilities and resources.”

"My favorite part of my job is checking all the parts then watching the machine being built from the ground up."
Sarah Dean, Quality Inspector

Spec Engineering

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