Pushing Change to Keep Workers Safe, Plants Running

Spec Engineering was recently featured in the ProFood World June article titled ‘Pushing Change to Keep Workers Safe, Plants Running’

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It comes as no surprise that the COVID-19 pandemic caused several industries to see shifts in demand. The Food & Beverage market is no exception. As manufacturers were experiencing increased demand, they were also implementing several new safety measures for their workers and integrating cutting-edge technology to maintain production needs.



Although some day-to-day activities are returning to pre-pandemic tendencies, there are many lessons that have been learned from the pandemic that will be carried into the future. Some lessons in the Food & Beverage market include:

  • Worker Density and Proximity
  • Worker Hygiene
  • Air Flow and Filtration
  • Automation and Robotics
  • Remote Access and Monitoring



At the beginning of the pandemic, many employees worked in close proximity, causing alarm for the potential spread of the virus. In one instance, “we elongated the line, provided separation, and simple barriers. We had an air manifold that proactively drew the air away and brought it to an in-plant HEPA filter with UV,” Brian Bernard, president at Spec Engineering reports. “It made all the employees comfortable, kept the line running at a better productivity, and invested in new conveyors and an air handling system.”



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