Project Highlight: Front-End Loading (FEL) III

SPEC offers Front End Design packages that help your plant reduce risks, leverage industry expertise, and expedite your schedule. It improves project planning and identifies problems up front that would later result in financial leaks. 

A recent Front-End Loading (FEL) II was completed for a company producing the filling sand/compound for brick pavers. This included the full design and integration of equipment stands and transitions. This system takes unprocessed sand, goes through the dryer to reach the proper moisture level, and sift to remove the unrefinded pebbles. The sand is then conveyed to a silo for storage.

Weigh batchers are used to measure the accurate amount discharging from the silo, with a Chainvey conveying the material into the building. Additives are mixed in to make the final compound. Central dust collection system is integrated throughout. The project manager also provided full support for the bid packages and permit processing.

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