Partner Highlight: Elcan Industries

SPEC Engineering is now partnering with Elcan Industries to offer customers a wholistic solution for their sieving capabilities. Elcan offers quality sieving and classifying equipment while SPEC has the capability to design a complete, custom system with integrated controls.

This partnership has already seen success. Elcan and SPEC recently worked together for the Hi-Sifter Reclaiming System, designed specifically for dense metal powders used in the 3D printing process. The system can make fine separations, able to screen at 10um, higher rates compared to other systems on the market. SPEC designed and built the stack-up and frame for the system, and also provided wiring and the control panel. This is a great example of needing a high-class sifter and utilizing SPEC’s design capabilities. SPEC and Elcan are excited to see this partnership through as a way to provide a complete, turnkey system to customers.

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