Now Offering a Continuous Cooling Wheel Lab Unit

Candy Worx, a SPEC Engineering brand, is now offering a continuous cooling wheel lab unit. This lab unit debuted during the IFT18 Technical Tour that SPEC Engineering, Sweet Solutions, and Candy Worx co-hosted. Participants of the tour learned how the lab unit operates and the impact that recent updates to confectionery systems has on increasing the efficiency and safety of the machinery.

The cooling wheel lab unit provides the ability to offer product development, testing support, field validation, and toll processing. With a fully automated system, the unit runs 450 lbs. per hour. This unit is ideal for recipe testing due to the smaller batch size. Customers have the option to rent the unit and bring it to their own facility or utilize our plant for testing or toll processing.

Like a full-size continuous cooling wheel, the lab unit can process high temperature cooked syrups that need to be rapidly and uniformly cooled with minimum shear prior to further downstream processing. Items could include: caramel, taffy, nougat, fudge, toffee, hard candy, pure sugar, fondant, frosting, molasses, and gum.

Candy Worx all stainless steel cooling drums are widely used and are standard equipment in many global and smaller companies throughout the world. Their efficient proven internal water spray cooling system ensures a uniform temperature gradient across the face of the cooling drum’s surface. With the precision machined drum surface, sanitary all stainless steel feed hopper, and support frame, it is a good fit in today’s modern confectionery, bakery, and cereal plants.

To learn more about Candy Worx, visit their website.

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