Meredith Perry Awarded PMMI On the Rise Award

Meredith Perry was awarded the On the Rise award from The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) at their annual meeting in Detroit, Michigan. This annual award recognizes emerging leaders with outstanding achievements at their respective employers who demonstrate leadership qualities important to driving the business.


Meredith began her career at Spec Engineering ten years ago, starting as the project administrator in 2011. She supported Spec’s custom process system projects through purchasing, quoting, billing, and vendor/customer relations. As Spec evolved and grew, so did Meredith’s role. She then transitioned to director of sales and marketing and finally landed in her current role as vice president of business operations. Having experience in the project support side, customer service, marketing, and sales, Meredith has a comprehensive view of Spec’s operations, helping her effectively lead the team.


"Meredith works tirelessly on Spec's values, culture, business strategy, and alignment to our vision. She is always the first to address company needs and stresses to assure our company's security and success. Meredith is a true advocate for every Spec team member and represents all the essential values of a true Spec team member. She is overwhelmingly deserving of this award."
Brian Bernard, President

Spec Engineering

Back in 2011, Spec only had five employees. Today, Spec is closer to 100 employees strong. During this growth, Meredith has been essential in establishing policies, procedures, and departments to make the organization function smoothly. The comprehensive safety program, the Spec Way manual, the marketing department, the sales application department, and office management have all stemmed from Meredith’s hard work, passion, and dedication to the team.

"My focus at Spec moving forward is around growth. I am working on how growth at Spec will look in the upcoming years - specifically our employee development and growth of our in-house capabilities. Safety and quality are also areas that my position is development even more."
Meredith Perry, Vice President of Business Operations

Spec Engineering

Congratulations, Meredith!

Meredith Perry accepts her PMMI On the Rise award.

Spec Engineering is a Gray company.

Spec is a process engineering company, focused on best-in-class solutions for customers in the food, grain, minerals, chemicals, and pharma industries. In 2019, Spec became part of the Gray family of brands. As a Gray company, we continue to offer comprehensive expertise, catered to your scope, schedule, and budget.