Dust Collection Webinar

SPEC will be sponsoring a powder and bulk solids webinar over Dust Collection November 19th at 2pm ET.

Oftentimes, in dust collection systems, practitioners will fix one problem only to bring another into clear focus. This webinar will train participants to look at the whole dust collection system so that most, or all, of the system issues can be found contemporaneously.

Dust collection systems are a main line defense against fugitive hazardous or even toxic dust accumulations in the workplace. Predictive maintenance principles can be applied to anticipate the common failure modes of the systems and the individual components and provide long-term, sustained system performance.  Proper design, commissioning, maintenance and troubleshooting can be accomplished with pressure measurements compared to baseline or commissioning pressure measurements – a big time savings over pitot tube duct velocity measurements. The presenter will share his ventilation diagnostic experience and secrets utilizing a pressure measurement-based monitoring and maintenance program.

The webinar agenda is:

  • Principles of dust collection system operation
  • Purchasing and commissioning properly designed dust collector systems
  • Dust collection system measurements. Where do I start?
  • Dust collection system component maintenance tips
  • Systematic troubleshooting using pressure measurements.
  • The impact of new NFPA combustible mitigation equipment on dust ventilation system diagnosis

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