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Historic Ford Auditorium Renovation, Berry College

Contributing to an Award-Winning Renovation.

Willett Engineering, a Gray company, contributed 3D modeling and structural analysis for the renovation of Berry College’s historic Ford Auditorium. The award-winning, multi-partner project involved extensive structural, ornamental, and acoustic improvements to the space, while maintaining the building’s historic features.

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  • Mount Berry, GA
Historic Ford Auditorium Renovation, Berry College
Mount Berry, GA

Willett Engineering was selected to provide structural analysis for the renovation of the historic Ford Auditorium at Berry College in Mount Berry, Georgia. Built in 1928, the recital hall is part of the Ford Complex, a series of beloved English Gothic structures named after renowned automaker Henry Ford.


Willett Engineering researched the auditorium’s original blueprints and construction materials, incorporating these into 3D models of the original roof trusses. With this analysis, the team then designed a framing plan to secure the new oak tongue-and-groove ceiling to the original roof trusses, helping to create an acoustically superior performance space while preserving the venue’s historic character.


Extensive on-site work for the renovation followed Willet’s modeling and planning services. The new space was christened as the Betty Anne Rouse Bell Recital Hall and earned international recognition by winning the Architecture MasterPrize 2020 Architectural Design competition in the category of restoration and renovation.


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