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Lexington, N.C.
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EGGER, founded in 1961, is a family-owned Austrian-based, wood manufacturing company that produces panel products used in a variety of manufacturing items, including laminate flooring, cabinetry, residential and commercial furniture and casework. Situated on over 200 acres, the new facility in North Carolina will be a state-of the-art manufacturing plant and EGGER’s first U.S. manufacturing operation. The new plant will result in 18 manufacturing plants for EGGER worldwide.
The highly automated facility will include a fully integrated 3D model and laminated wood joist glulams shipped from Europe.


Project Facts

  • Total area: 815,000 s.f.
    • Production: 250,000 s.f.
    • Lamination: 480,000 s.f.
    • AS/RS: 85,000 s.f. 
  • Building features:
    • Floors: 10” slab on grade
    • Walls: insulated precast and mineral wool insulated metal panels
    • Wood laminate roof beams
    • European procured materials and design details
    • Press pits
    • Concrete silos
  • Schedule: 18 months
  • Delivery method: Construction Management

Services Provided by Gray:

  • Construction Management
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Equipment Installation
  • Building Commissioning