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The New Face of Manufacturing: Amanda Hutchings with Peak Manufacturing

The New Face of Manufacturing: Amanda Hutchings with Peak Manufacturing
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As president of Peak Manufacturing in Pleasant Lake, Michigan, Amanda Hutchings oversees the operations of one of the world’s largest bearing spacer suppliers for the heavy truck industry, including distribution and logistics fleets. The company’s spacers are inserted into the hub assemblies of most heavy trucks to properly space the bearings.

When she joined the company ten years ago in an entry-level position, she had no idea that later she would eventually become its president.

“The owner had an unusual amount of faith in me,” says Hutchings, who was steadily promoted through positions of higher responsibility.

“Working for a small company has its advantages,” she adds. “I wore all the hats, which provided me with valuable hands-on experience and knowledge. I have done most of the tasks I ask of my management team and I understand their challenges.”

Hutchings was instrumental in creating an employee appreciation program and providing profit sharing plans and other benefits programs. She is a member of the Women in Manufacturing Association, chairman of the board for the Shop Rat Foundation, a non-profit organization that works with local youth, and is a tireless champion of community involvement.

“Profitability and customer satisfaction come much more easily when employees are satisfied and take pride in working for a company that cares about its community,” she says.

To learn more about Amanda Hutchings and how she is building a long-term manufacturing workforce, read her in-depth report from Area Development.