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The New Face of Manufacturing:

The New Face of Manufacturing:
The New Face of Manufacturing: provides cutting-edge information on cybersecurity and other critical categories for industry

Online search engines, traditional reference catalogs and the advice of friends and colleagues come to mind as initial methods of finding out more about manufacturing suppliers. One of the leading resources that engineers, purchasing managers and other industrial experts rely on is is the leading platform for product sourcing, supplier selection and actionable information for industry. Thomas, the company behind, regularly analyzes the petabytes of buyer behavior data generated on the platform to help buyers make better purchasing decisions.

“Our data-driven analytics allow in-market buyers to find the right products and services when they need them,” said Rita Lieberman, Director, Marketing Communications (pictured above).

Through Thomas Insights, the company also provides both manufacturers and industrial buyers with insight into the trends, changes and challenges facing the industrial sector. To that end, Thomas recently highlighted findings from the Hackett Group in the report The Six Biggest Risks Facing Your Manufacturing Business Today. Unsurprisingly, cybersecurity was high on the list.

According to, in addition to using both traditional and advanced security software, companies can regularly perform insider threat prevention and detection audits, prohibit the use of personal devices within the facility, continually educate employees and communicate meaningfully with vendors and suppliers.