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Sanitary Design Best Practices for Snack and Bakery Facility Construction

Sanitary Design Best Practices for Snack and Bakery Facility Construction

According to Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery, design-build firms continue to refine current best practices for peak sanitary design for snack and bakery facilities.

In recent years, best practices for the design of snack and bakery facilities have undergone a significant evolution.

Today, more than ever, the industry pays close attention to sanitary design solutions in the early stages of the design process. “Companies have come to the realization that operating a facility that includes critical sanitary design elements results in a more-productive facility, produces products with less risk, and is easier and less expensive to clean and maintain,” said Darrin McCormies, senior vice president, director of industrial process engineering, Epstein, Chicago.

Innovations in engineering have developed upgrades in the design and construction stages of snack and bakery plants. The new-found goal is to implement the right solutions at the origination of the facility, rather than finding solutions down the road.

No longer are hygienic design elements like curbs, drain type and placement or equipment legs an afterthought – they are a focus.

“The use of easily cleaned insulated metal paneling for ceilings and walls, along with impervious, durable flooring, is a common trend, notes Tyler Cundiff, director of business development, Gray Construction, Lexington, Ky.”

In the food and beverage industry today, allergens are a top sanitary concern, notes Cundiff. Any facility that will handle allergens needs capabilities to isolate and control them.

After all, mitigating risks before trouble arises can prevent potentially significant lost revenue due to downtime and recalls. 

For the complete guide to sanitary design best practices for snack and bakery facilities, visit Snack Food and Wholesale Bakery.