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President, Anderson Dahlen Inc., A Gray Company
President, Anderson Dahlen Inc., A Gray Company

Tom Knoll began with Anderson Dahlen when the Knoll family purchased the company in 1978. Tom’s experience and skills in stainless steel fabrication have helped continuously drive the company in areas of added capabilities, facility expansions and process improvements. His entrepreneurship has helped shape the company’s growth and diversity. Tom places an extremely high value on personal relationships, which is reflected in many strong partnerships and long-term team members.


As president of Anderson Dahlen, Tom is responsible for being the Visionary of the executive management team. He sets the long term goals and strategy, as well as the culture of the overall organization.


In 2020, Anderson Dahlen became part of the Gray family to further Gray’s turnkey platform of services. To learn more about this endorsed brand, visit the Anderson Dahlen website.


When Tom isn’t working, he enjoys spending time on his acreage and forest land in northern MN, as well as travel to various parts of the globe.