Senior Vice President, Operating Systems
Senior Vice President, Operating Systems

Whenever a new management program is initiated at Gray, Bob Lowry is almost always involved. Throughout his career at Gray, Bob has been a project manager; led operation’s scheduling efforts; led Gray’s Total Quality Management efforts; led Gray’s Service Team, small projects, and facilities groups; developed processes and led the Operations Administration department, including cost control, subcontract administration, and insurance; developed standard operating procedures and served as the lead for Gray’s ISO 9001 certification; helped facilitate corporate Strategic Planning efforts; led the Architectural and Engineering department; and led the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction department.


With this variety of experience in Gray’s operation’s functions, Bob focuses his efforts on defining, documenting, and communicating processes, systems, and best practices throughout the operations team.


When Bob is not working he enjoys spending time with family, traveling, playing golf, and reading.