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Gray Site Manager Kendall Kluttz Exposes the Truth about Working in Construction

Imagine embarking upon a career that is as limitless as your potential: a career in which every day presents a new set of challenges, and each project poses unique opportunities for problem solving, continuous improvement and critical thinking.

A career path that opens doors for individuals in any stage of their professional development, from novice to expert. Imagine all of this, plus competitive wages and long-term opportunities for advancement. If this is in alignment with your professional goals, a career in construction may be worth pursuing!


And, with the Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasting a 13 percent growth of construction jobs by 2024, there’s never been a better time to join the industry. However, due to the skilled trades shortage, nearly 200,000 construction positions across the country are now unfilledleaving much of the industry wondering how and where to find new talent. Perhaps one solution to this challenge simply lies in exposing the truth about what a career in construction is really like—which here at Gray, is very different from some of the public misconceptions about the industry.


Kendall Kluttz, Site Manager
Kendall Kluttz, Site Manager


That’s why we asked one of our site managers, Kendall Kluttz, to get to the bottom of things once and for all by giving us the whole truth—and nothing but the truth—about a career in construction. Since joining Gray in 2012, Kendall has been on the fast track to success, managing several key job sites for customers such as Michelin North America, Inc., Lydall, Inc. and ZF Friedrichshafen AG.


Kendall discusses some of the most common myths below:


MYTH 1: A career in construction is just swinging hammers and turning dirt.  


TRUTH: A career in the field is far from just swinging hammers and turning dirt.  While there are times when you must be hands-on in the field to meet a deadline, this is NOT the main responsibility of a Site Manager.  A Site Manager’s position at Gray is more about leading a team and building strong customer relationships to complete a project safely and successfully.


MYTH 2: There is no upward mobility working on-site.


TRUTH:  This is just not true. There is unlimited room for growth by starting in an on-site position at Gray. Being on-site gives a team member full access to understanding what it takes to deliver a project successfully—from all aspects of the business.  A Gray site team member deals directly with safety, design, project management, construction and customer relationship management. Our culture encourages you to grow by being exposed to all of these aspects of our industry, which are each crucial to successful project completion.


MYTH 3: Anyone can get a job in construction.


TRUTH: Depending on how you look at it, this might not actually be a myth. I think anyone can start a career in the construction industry, just like anyone can become a doctor or lawyer—it all comes down to your personal goals and ambitions.


If you have the drive and willingness to learn, the opportunity to gain experience in the field is available through entry level positions. Once you’ve got your footing in the industry and sharpened your skills, doors to upper level positions will open.


Our industry is constantly changing with new technology, innovations in design, and more complex projects, which all make a career in construction challenging and rewarding.


Now, if you don’t have the desire to learn the industry— and to continually improve and challenge yourself —then no, a job in construction isn’t for you.


Is a career in construction site management right for me?


The infographic below points out some of the key skills and personality traits that we look for when hiring site managers. If you fit the bill, check out Gray’s available positions to see if there’s an opening that you’d be interested in pursuing.


    Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a contributing author and not necessarily Gray.

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