Custom Liquid Process Systems.

InLine Engineers designs and builds custom liquid and slurry processing systems for blending, mixing, and dosing. We utilize a variety of flowmeter and load cell technologies, and can customize a variety of blending systems from agitation to low and high shear mixing. Tanks, kettles, heat exchangers, filters, and other components can also be added to these skidded systems for specific applications.


InLine Sanitary Mixing Skid



InLine also designs and builds custom valve matrices for automated routing of products and CIP solutions. We can include single seat valves, mix-proof valves, and diaphragm valve configurations.



We utilize the latest orbital welding procedures and welds are tracked and inspected. All skidded systems come pre-piped and controls pre-wired, and are passivated and tested prior to shipment. Skid frames can be polished to your specifications.


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InLine Engineers is a Gray company.

InLine provides engineering, process improvement, and planning services for Food & Beverage leaders. In 2018, InLine joined the Gray family to complement its Food & Beverage offering. As a Gray company, we help customers transform their operations to maximize their ROI.